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iPhone, iPod, and iPad - Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us about iOS into this quick and easy topic.   How to get NOW TV on iOS Follow these steps to get NOW Tv on iOS.   Error Messages on iOS A list of error messages and what to do if you receive them.  ...

Want to get pre-release builds first? - Join our Beta group!

Do you want to get the early release builds of the NOW TV iOS Application, before anyone else? Then join our Beta group, just follow these simple setups:   Send an email containing your NOW TV Login ID & iTunes email ID to, wi...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Resolved! Subtitle size on Google Pixel 6

Hello, the subtitles on NowTV are absolutely tiny on my phone app. Using a Google Pixel 6 and have tried changing the phone's caption preferences in the accessibility settings but it hasn't made a difference. Subtitle size is fine when watching on sm...

Tiny subtitles

My current phone, ((Alcatel 1(2021)) and my previous phone (Imo Q4) both have a massive problem with subtitles. They are tiny. Basically the subtitles are like the bottom row of an opticians chart, the one you're not expected to be able to read comfo...

Error Code CVF:-42803

Checked for updates, logged in an out, switched of Tablet but still same error message when I try to play downloads?

Iz1 by Mentor
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Reached device limit........again

Device limit reached.......even though I am streaming on 1 device. Deleted all other devices.Only 1 device on my list. Is this just NOW being so so far behind in the tech or is it a common problem which they can't be bothered sorting?

no longer able to login on tablet

 I can't login to Now tv on the app.It needs to check I'm a real person but the catchpa is blank. Link to new catchpa doesn't work Device has been used before for nowtv. Had to reinstall the app as it was all jittery.  any suggestions? 

mel1 by Advocate
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App not working

I have paid for sports today to watch the cricket and the app does not work. I just get an error message saying error -1. It was working about two hours ago.Anyone got any ideas?

Chelsea Game

Anyone tell me how I can access the game tonight I have been given sky Sports mobile access for my phone but can't  find how to login to watch. TIA

Saund_1 by Advocate
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League 2 Football match - catch-up viewing

I suspect this may not be possible. I am not able to catch a League 2 match live this Sunday and am exploring the best way of getting to see it, short of travelling to Carlisle!  I don't think NOW will be showing this on catch up - is someone able to...

GeorgeH by Advocate
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Resolved! Download shows for offline but need online

Testing to download shows for offline viewing.Show downloaded ready.Close app, switch off WiFi,  load up app and cannot open as needs to online to connect first, making it well useless for offline viewing, as whole point for offline viewing is to vie...

Craig_82 by Scholar 2
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error code 20001

anyone know what do do when getting this error code. nowtv chat bot suggested manage devices. I deleted all devices. reset password uninstall app and still getting this code. any help? please

joey by Advocate
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