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Why is the nowTV android app so poor?

I like the NowTV service, I like the content and the packages available. I liked being able to give my grandfather a NowTV stick that provides good quality commercial television that's easy to access. But what I really really don't like is just how appalling the NowTV android app is!


Today I wanted to watch a particular star trek movie, Star Trek: First contact. But a search of Star Trek leads me to believe that it's not available on NowTV. So I rented it from YouTube instead for nearly £4. Later today whilst browsing the Sci-fi movies I find First contact available but it doesent show from a search, so I paid £4 for nothing. How can the search term star trek not yeild all results for the star trek titles on offer??? 


In addition I like to fall asleep watching South Park, but I have to use Netflix or Amazon prime to do that because the NowTV android app doesent even support the most basic of vital functions, playing the next video automatically!!!


The app is rarely updated and basic simple features are so lacking!! Android apps are relatively simple to develop, NowTV you should be ashamed of offering such a poor quality app which lets down the good content available.


That's all I wanted to say, no questions or anything just feedback that I'm sure other people must surely find themselves frustrated with also.




@Anonymous User 


Hey PunkyB


I feel your pain broh, but you're feeding back to the wrong place coz' this is a customer led forum where the Now TV Team may occasionally pop in.


You'd be better off sending your painful, but well crafted, thoughts to the following:

Now TV Customer Services Email.jpgGood luck



UK Bob