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Screen mirroring from Android tablet/phone to Amazon Fire Stick on TV

I have just bought a month Sky Sports Pass and wondered if there's any way of watching it on my TV?  I don't have a Now TV box, just a standard HD-ready TV with an Amazon Fire Stick attached.  I also have an Android tablet and phone, both of which have the Now TV app installed.


I can watch Sky Sports on both my Android tablet and phone via the Now TV app, and the Amazon Fire Stick in my TV has the ability to accept screen mirroring from both devices, however if I try to mirror the live football on Now TV that I'm watching on my tablet/phone, I get a "Sorry we don't support HDMI streaming to your TV from mobile devices...." message.


The screen mirroring with the Amazon Fire Stick works fine with all other apps/uses from my Android devices, so I'm assuming that Now TV is somehow blocking this function.  Is there any way of getting my setup to work, so I can watch the football on my TV without having to buy a Now TV box or a Chromecast dongle?

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@Anonymous User mirroring is disabled. Your only option would be additional hardware like you mentioned.