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Poor Support for other device types

Now TV offers little hope for watching events on specific device types such as VR headsets.

Many other device types - and NOW TV competitors allow streaming to VR headsets. 

BT and other companies do. I learned there is a blocking technology called something like "DRM" that prevents use of such devices and you get a blank screen.

The viewing experience for a PPV sporting event or other entertainment is immense on VR devices.

It would be good for NOW TV tech people to address this!

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Things move along in the world of Now TV slowly compared to other streamers.


Here in Now TV, we don’t have profiles or skip intro. 
Only last year download for offline viewing was added. And at the start of this year 1080p along with 5.1 surround sound was added.


@Simon-J  is this something that is on the roadmap for Now TV?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help



Hey TD


First, I'm nothing to do with Now TV other than being a customer and my post, from here on in, is just my musings and speculation.


OK, as you know doubt know, Now TV has it's own internal guidance and policies that governs it's day to day activities. However, these policies are not shared with it's customers and so, as a customer, you will never know of them unless you run foul of one of them.


As far as I understand it, Now TV are very anti-piracy so much so that any device that has a hint of having the ability to copy content is banned. To this end they will zap, without warning, any unsupported but useful feature that is found in it's app or streaming devices.


Also, Now TV is very strict on the other companies devices it does support to run it's app, so when you see something that is not supported, e.g. The Nvidia Shield, it's in most cases deliberate.


So if they decide they will not support a device then that decision is carved in stone and you might as well shout at the wind.


As I said, the above is pure speculation and I cannot prove any of it, just speculate.



UK Bob

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@Tech_dude @ukbobboy @gavs82008 sky were bitten hard financially by investing in 3-d that failed. They have no plans to implement VR until it is a proven format with a wide enough customer base.



Thanks for your message

VR headsets can be used to view content in 2D where the 3D functionality is not even required.
Content on a VR headset can be just as good as viewing content on a local cinema screen in the comfort of your own surroundings.

Like Chrome, Edge and other browsers, web browsing via a headset works for most standard websites especially YouTube which in itself is quite an extraordinary experience. Netflix and Prime takes it to another level.

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@Tech_dude all well and good if you're watching content by yourself.


Like Sky said in the linked article, a VR headset is another barrier to the viewer. I'm sat watching the Manchester Derby with my elderly father. We're watching together on a 55 inch TV. No need for both of us to have a smartphone or headset - 1 piece of equipment. 


Later my mum will sit down with us and we'll watch a film before switching over for the boxing - no need for a third smartphone or headset.


All the while my parents will be able to eat their take away, reach out for their cup of tea and eventually pick at the box of Roses chocolates still seeing the screen without removing a headset each time.


I've watched boxing through VR and thought it was incredibly immersive being right on the ropes but unless friends have the equipment and a subscription, it's not something I can afford to invest in.


In the short term I think VR has a future in  gaming but have to agree with Sky - not cinema and sport.




Yeah Saint


You hit the nail right on the head.




UK Bob






Thank you chaps and all the other guys for your responses.
Sorry my come back has been a little slow! Here's my opinion.

I agree with everyone on the point that you might want to watch a game with a relative or buddy.
And yes a head set for now is not a shared medium for viewing content, although you can project the same image/footage onto a large TV if you wanted to.

The point I was making is that the feature is already there on the console, but they (NowTV) seem to have intentionally blocked it. It’s known as the black screen.
I think it's called Digital rights management (DRM) tools.
UK Bob, you hit the nail on the head with your remark “ Now TV are very anti-piracy”.
The device tries to load but the image is then blocked.

On the subject of shared viewing experience, how often when watching boxing, football or any other sport are we sat in the company of others? These days under tier 2, 3/tier 4 we are in doors a lot more aren't we.

The offer of choice is  extremely appealing to all depending on individual circumstances.  

Other streaming services will only continue to grow & dent Sky’s market share.
Those services already have incredibly bespoke apps. Amazon Prime are streaming sports and other content on multi devices, Netflix have capability, DAZN, Premier Sports, BBC iPlayer.

Some of these are already into Football. Netflix which has double the revenue of Sky and has only been here for a fraction of the time might do Sports one day. For now, it’s not their business model. Amazon Prime is already involved and the day they come up with some seriously ground breaking kit they take over! The key is these are inventive, viewing experience driven companies that are always improving. 

They all pose a threat not because of VR, but because they have adapted technology to provide a better service which is pleasing to the end user no matter what their need is.

NowTV will still be here but market share will diminish over time. For now, Sky is untouchable because they control the cameras’ that are set up at all the EPL footy games and most other major sports that we watch over here in the UK. 

Thanks again for your responses. 

Scholar 3

I certainly agree prime now have the football as well as others sports. The one thing they need to sort is the picture quality countless times I’ve had issues so this needs addressing. Then you look at BT Sport and you really can’t fault them. As you have pointed out nowtv will decline over time because it’s not a premium product unlike sky Q. But streaming is the way ahead and has been for a while. Amazon have now 40 Million firetv users world wide. That’s a lot for Amazon. So having there App on a sky box was a clear chance for revenue as was the same for sky. As @nst why this wasn’t the same for Apple could be down to a number of reasons but I don’t believe it’s a technical reason. The fact that no 5.1 sound is allowed on the nowtv app is not good. One can only hope this gets sorted out ASAP for now I will watch via my firetv.



Sky is in long term decline and I gather who ever runs things in reference to tech is not as inventive as they could be. I spend every day designing / formulating ground-breaking ideas for tech. It is what I do. Anyone that remains dormant has a business in decline. The worlds biggest media company is a testament to that. Facebook wiped out all of its predecessors. Guess what - they now have the fastest growing VR headset sales. If anyone creates hologram TV it will be them or they will buy it.

If we really think about it what Netflix is doing is what Sky should have done.

For now it is what it is and we will have to make use of alternative options.


@Saint1976  @gavs82008  @Tech_dude 




What you say makes sense, the technology is not there yet and it's certainly has not caught the attention of the wider viewing public, so it's still a few years off.


And I think the main criticism of VR, being isolationist, I think is it's biggest impediment to it's public acceptance, something that it has to overcome. 


Speaking for myself, and I'm now an old fogey, there's still a lot of enjoyment to be had from, and improvements to be made to, mainstream consumer tech and devices that have "family and friends" appeal.



UK Bob