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Picture is “zoomed”

I watched a football match yesterday and it was as though the picture had been zoomed in.

i could not see the score; I could not see the footballer who was taking a free kick, as both of these were outside of the picture that I was watching and all I was getting was as though somebody was filming it with a zoom lens.

i am watching this on an iPad, and am not aware of any settings that would help.

Any ideas ?

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Re: Picture is “zoomed”

Hi @Nigelcur 


I don't own an iPad, but what happens if you double tap the screen when watching something on your Sky Sports pass ?


Don't know if this is relevant to your iPad device. 


If that doesn't work, then perhaps somebody who owns an iPad on the forum will know the answer. 


Re: Picture is “zoomed”

Hey thanks.
Why didn’t I think of that !
I have not watched another match yet, but I think this should work.
Thanks again