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NowTV player not loading GoT

When trying to load Game Of Thrones on the NowTV Player it gives me a code error 24 and says it cannot connect to a stream. I have tried restarting the app and even redownloading the app. Any suggestions on what to do?

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Re: NowTV player not loading GoT

I can find you no solutions to Code 24 in the Community Smiley Sad


But the reports of it suggest it’s a problem at NowTV’s end, with iOS devices.


I don’t have an iPhone, and my wife’s is off limits since last time, but I do have this iPad, and NowTV is working OK on it, so I suggest you try again now, in the h


And if still no go, get onto Live Chat via the How to Get in Touch down arrow at:-


and see what they suggest, as I think you have tried all you can at the iPhone end,

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