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Now sport bonus streams missing constantly

What is going on. I cannot get the bonus streams to appear on any mobile or tablet device again.

Everytime recently now. Sometimes they randomly just show up mid way.

I put in a complaint last time and they didn't even respond other then a generic auto reply. 

Getting very fed up currently. Looking into other options. 

The main streams crash and throw errors a lot too. Doesn't matter if WiFi, mobile or even ethernet on my playstation. 


Am i missing something?

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @ceiron1 

Same here with regards to Bonus Streams on both my Android tablet and Android phone.

Bonus Streams seem to be a new addition for Mobile devices since around March when I accidentally stumbled across them (unless they was there before that and i never noticed them before) and since March up until around Easter time Bonus Streams was present and available to watch on my Android Mobile devices.

NOW haven't listed Android or iOS Mobile devices with regards to Bonus Streams on any of their help articles has a supported device.

Both my Amazon Fire Stick and Roku Stick are showing Bonus Streams fine (though there was a couple of hiccups from NOW where EFL Championship football Bonus Streams got underway around 5 minutes late).

The games on Tuesday and Wednesday for me was fine on both my Amazon Fire Stick and Roku Stick.

I have contacted a NOW Staff member about Bonus Streams and especially Bonus Streams on Mobile devices.