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Now app on iPad freezing

I have removed the app from my iPad and then downloaded it back onto my iPad countless times, but am still unable to watch anything on the app on my iPad. As soon as I get on the main page to choose what programme to watch it freezes. 
is anybody able to help? It’s not the broadband as I have no issues with using other apps on it to watch programmes. 

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Hi @Anonymous User

I don't own an IOS device, but if the screen freezes or buffers when you try playing any NOW content on the App, see if going into the iPad settings and disable Private Relay.

If that doesn't work maybe sign out of the App, fully power down the iPad and start up and sign back into the App again. 

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@Anonymous User 

To follow-up from the sound advice by @schnapps what happens to downloaded content?

What iOS is your iPad at? Haven't used mines in a few weeks for NOW content but it does start off pixelated and sharpens after about 15 seconds. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help