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Now Tv App on IPhone keeps crashing

Hi there, after the latest iOS update my Now Tv App keeps crashing. I select a show I want to watch, and as soon as I change season it crashes. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling but nothing happened. Cleared history and cache but again no difference. If I click on one of the films on the home page they won’t load... any suggestions??



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Re: Now Tv App on IPhone keeps crashing



Just checked on my wife’s iPhone 6s which upgraded to iOS 13.0 this morning.


No trouble at all with hopping from Season to Season, or Episode to Episode, on Succession on Entertainment.


We haven’t got Movies, but trying to start one brings up the ‘gotta buy a Pass’ message, which is as far as I am prepared to go unless you wire me £11.99, so I think that’s working also.


For the record, which model of iPhone have you got? Maybe there’s an issue that is model-specific...


iOS 13.1 will be with us Tuesday, to fix already known issues with 13.0


Other than waiting for that, you’ve done all the right things, so I am at a loss to help you further....sorry.....maybe somebody else knows something?

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