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Not Happy! Device Limit Reached & Modified Device

Not sure how to tag NowTV support, but this aimed at you, thanks.


We bought a NowTV stick, signed up etc.

My daughters tablet counts as the 1st (which the app works on thank god), the stick counts as the 2nd Device.


My partner logged into the app on his Android tablet it and when he tried to watch something he was told he couldn't because his device is modified!


He then logged into the app on his Android phone to be told again he couldn't watch anything because his device has been modified.


Neither device is modified and run on stock factory roms, I have gone through various threads online and none of the suggestions have fixed the issue.


We then tried it on a Samsung tablet, the app installed but aparently we were at the device limit because my partners phone and tablet had been included onto the device list even though the app would not let videos play!! I removed a device and installed the NowTV app to the Samsung and we do not get the modified error, BUT the videos do not play, only a black screen!


So I am now stuck with 3 non-working devices on the device list, 2 of which are due to the modified device issue, surely a device should not be added if the app it's self is not allowing playback?! what an absolute joke!


Yes I can remove 1 device however another cannot be added until March 1st.


Very unhappy customer and would appreciate some sort of resolution from NowTV asap.




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I have a very similar issue , now TV can you present grant me an additional device change so that I can reconnect my now TV box as I have reached my device change limit for this month.


Again can this be completed asap!

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Hi @Anonymous User  @Anonymous User 


With regards to Device issue matters on your account you need to speak to live chat for assistance.


Link here to live chat.

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I have done that now and they have released two devices from the list so I can add again, however it now means having to buy my partner a new phone or tablet so they can use it and potentially running into the same issue again,  we switched to NowTV to save money and now I am going to have to fork out more money so everyone in the household is able to access it.


Basically the point I am making is if the app gives the 'Device is modified' error then it should not be added to the device list, honestly cannot see why it hasn't been fixed to work that way.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Can't help with the modified device issues sorry.


My understanding is that a device is registered to an account once you play some NowTV content with your passes on it.


Obviously this is not the case reading your posts.


I don't use any mobile devices when watching NowTV with my passes, but if you post the mobile devices make & model numbers then maybe somebody with the same devices can confirm if they have come accros the same message or they found a way around it.


From reading various threads on the forum, the mobile devices needs to be standard and not rooted & purchased within the UK.


Perhaps somebody from the Now TV Forum Team can pick up this thread ?