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Network Problem

For about a week now every time I go to use the now tv app and message comes up saying ‘Network Problem - Sorry we could not connect you to Now. Please make sure you are online and try again’. My internet is working fine. The same is happening when my wife used the app on her phone as well. Any help would be much appreciated. Otherwise I’ll just cancel my subscriptions.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Is it happening to all your NOW playback devices in the home ?


If so are you using a VPN ?


Have you tried to switch the mains power off on your Router for about 20 minutes to let it automatically acquire a new IP address ?


Have you tried deleting the NOW App off your Wife's mobile phone and download a fresh version of the NOW App ?


If you have mobile data what happens if you temporary use it with the Wife's phone or use it has a WiFi hotspot, can you then access and use the NOW streaming service ?

Anonymous User
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Been struggling with this for months. 
turned off the firewall on the home router and everything works. 
I do keep the firewall turned on now I know turning it off works, I don’t want the network exposed unnecessarily. 

previous workaround was to use a mobile connection to get logged in and start a stream and then go back to the internal network. 

no idea what ports/services Nowtv app uses and still looking for the answers to that. 

but icmp and ident port 113 seem to be included.