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NOW TV App Wont take my password credentials

I can't stream from the app as when I chose a show to watch the app asks me the authenticate my account. When I enter my username and password it will not accept the password even though on desktop and mobile web I can login with said password.


I have tried a number of time (5+) with different passwords, I have tried deleting the app and re-installing, I have tried on a different handset (both Android) but no joy. NOT TV have billed my account but I can't use the service. Can someone fix this for me?


By the way I work on websites/app's and I think this is due to the fact that I used to have a Now TV account, I then cancelled the subscription back in March/April only to try it again last week. My assumption is your authentication service on app has me down as cancelled (I am using the same username=e-mail as previously), i.e. it has not updated since I re-activated the account. If this is the case I'd say this may be a pretty frequent issue as people must cancel their sub and sign up again quite frequently.


Regardless of the reason for the issue can someone fix it and if not can you credit my account?












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