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My Passes are missing from the Android App

Hey Everyone!


I have just signed up for BT TV That comes with the NOW TV Entertainment, Movies and the HD Boost pass. 


After signing into my Now TV Account i can watch content and cast it to my Chromecast. But I wanted to take advantage of the 5.1 as part of the HD Boost. But the app won't let me change the Chromecast sound settings as it says I don't have the pass needed.  When I login to my account on the website I can see the passes, but I cannot see them on the mobile app the My Passes section is blank 😞


Can anyone help?







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Re: My Passes are missing from the Android App

@dtxx have a read through the linked thread. Unfortunately, from the time that thread started it became apparent that there is an issue where BT customers who use the app aren't getting the option to switch on 5.1


As you'll see, the last comment from a couple of days ago, BT closed the ticket and NowTV seem oblivious to the problem. 


I wish I could give you a solution but you'll have to raise the issue with BT and NowTV in the hope that they solve it.


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