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Latest player complete rubbish

Let’s list the huge faults with the latest Now tv app, frankly an embarrassment to UK engineering!!! Latest iOS/Now tv app.


-Player crashes 100% of the time when you try to view downloads.


-Player crashes 100% of the time when you try to view Watchlist.


-When you view downloads and rotate your phone it gets stuck in portrait mode with no button to switch back. You have to quit and come back in.


-The player is stuck in a single rotation arc. You can’t change the rotational position when viewing streams.


-When you pause or leave the app whilst watching anything streaming, it starts the stream from the beginning again!!!


-Adverts on an already paid for subscription service which then play twice when you leave and re-enter the app.


What exactly is the quality control process at Now? This is by a country mile the worst app I have ever come across. This is the most expensive streaming service and they have played cheap with getting morons to programme it…


Subscription cancelled!

Anonymous User
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Thought my iPhone had a fault and it rotates in other apps just not nowtv you think with all the money they get in they can have an app that works properly not much to ask for 

Anonymous User
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100% bro it’s ###### now days