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I can only watch sky sports main channel not others



I have the skys sports Mobile month pass, but it seems i can only wathc the sky sports channel, none of the others, when i signe dup it said you can watch 5 sjy sports channels?


so when i click on any others like sky psorts main event, sky sports football, cricket etc, its says pass required?


any idea why?



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Re: I can only watch sky sports main channel not others



The five Sports channels you can get on the Mobile Pass are as per the Help, here:-


“Get unlimited access to Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Racing and Sky Sports News straight to your phone. Wherever you go, take the live sporting action with you every step of the way”.


Lots of info on that page, but key points are:-


You can only get the Mobile Pass channels on a mobile phone, not on a tablet or any other device, and certainly not on a TV.


Sports channels are all live, with no On Demand access, whether Mobile or Full Passes.


You can have the pass on more than one mobile, up to NowTV’s limit of six devices, but only one person at a time can use a mobile Pass.


Two people at a time can use a Full Pass, across NowTV’s full range of supported devices.



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