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How to use mobile pass without activating day pass?

I bought a NowTV Sky TV Day Pass which came with a free 8 month subscription to Sky Sports Mobile. I am saving the day pass for a big event next month, but want to watch the odd programme on Sky Sports Mobile in the meantime on my Android phone. The problem is that, whenever I select a channel to watch live (e.g. Sky Sports Premier League) I am warned that my Sky Sports Day Pass is about to be activated.

How can I use my Sky Sports Mobile Pass without activating the Sky Sports Day Pass?

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Hi @vpdjcm 


Maybe ask NOW live chat if this is possible.


Click on the green chat online button from this link below to get in touch with them.


If they know a way around it, then please post back the workaround method on how this can be done. 




It seems like there wasn't a workaround - I contacted NowTV via webchat and they resolved it by activating my Sky Sports Day Pass, in order to trigger the availability of the Mobile Pass, then crediting my account with £9.98 so that I can repurchase the Day Pass when I actually intend to use it.