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How to use Queue feature in Playto on android moto g kitkat 4.4.4


Am using paid for version of Playto on Android kitkat 4.4.4. Its working, kind of!

Does anyone know how to use the queue feature on the android version of Playto. I can cast mp3's on my device/phone individually to my Nowtv box, no problem, but cannot make a playlist or puts device tracks into a queue. I've drag and drop and the different menu's to no avail. Does the queue feature actually work?


Thanks, N



Anonymous User
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I've never used playto as i use Plex myself so cant offer any advice on how it works but as it's a third party app you may get better help from contacting playto. That being said i did try find a way to contact them and it seems the only way is either via social network or this email address: mailto:info @


May be worth emaling them and seeing if you get a responce 🙂


 Edit: had to add spaces to email address so that forum doesnt remove it.