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How do we hide the clock and charging icon on iPad when in full screen mode?

If I’m watching Game Of Thrones in a dark room I’d rather not be reminded of WiFi, the time or how long until my iPad is fully charged etc, is there a way to have truly full screen viewing on the NOW TV app?


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I’ve been trying to get help with this for months. The live chat, and Twitter team are absolutely useless just sending me round in circles, suggesting turning the device on and off and nonsense like that, it’s clearly a problem with the app.


Having the same issue. Any resolutions yet?

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You can't. It is clearly embedded into the app and an annoying pain in the proverbial. I exchanged many fruitless email conversations about this with NOW. The iPhone app does not exhibit this if you prefer to watch on a smaller screen.  😕

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As @redchiz1  says you can’t. Yeah it’s annoying and odd that it’s there, but doesn’t put me off from watching content.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Hi, is there any update on this issue as its still there on the ipad app and i suspect could be a reason why it massively drains the battery as well as its not handled like an actual video?

The zoom in feature also works completely different ie useless to moreorless every other video streaming app too…

Im happy to send screenshots if need be as almost a decade on Nowtv still has the absolute basics unresolved sadly.

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You won't get any updates here, you can but add your voice to the chorus of complaints about this by contacting NOW TV directly, although going by my own experience I wouldn't expect much:



I found a fix for this issue, at least for ipad 9th gen (2021) running IOS 16.3.1


Settings > Accessibility > Per-App Settings > Add App > Home Screen > Smart Invert > On

This will display the icon banner in black when using Now TV App. I had some initial issues with other apps appearing in negative format but after resetting all settings and following the above process all is well. Hope this helps.