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HDMI connection to TV

I just venting my frustration regarding NowTV policy. Every other TV subscription service that I use has the capability of connecting the iPad to a separate monitor or screen and allowing  the paying subscriber to watch their content, even Disney


Why is NOWTV, so different. Even during the current state of being in lock down due to Covid 19 you would think there would be a change in policy considering families are lock down together.

Surely, If I am paying for a service, I should have the freedom to watch it how I want.


Wake up!, NOWTV policy makers.






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Re: HDMI connection to TV



Hey Sman


I'm not Now TV, just a customer like yourself, and as a long time customer I am somewhat mystified on how they formulate some of their policies.


I do understand that their customer policies must contain some of the rules and regulations they have to follow, that's just common sense. However, an anti-ipad policy doesn't quite make it.  Plus, the fact that Now TV keeps a lot of their customer policies under wraps, especially as you never know about them until they trip you up, seems a bit suspicious.


Anyway, just to let you know, not sure if anyone in the Now TV team will ever see your rant because, like everyone else, they're on lockdown and, at the best of times, they only occasionally pop into the forum. 


Still, there is a plan (more like, vague plan) to open a new ideas board for forum members, so it's hope that you may be able to put your own idea forward for future implementation.



UK Bob   



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