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Four device limit with monthly wait? Sky, there must be a better way!

NOW TV, like Sky Go, has a system where only one device addition and removal can only be done per month.

This is incredibly inflexible, and compared to how services like Netflix do it - where they do enforce a concurrent devices streaming limit, but don't really ever enforce a total-devices-per-account limit.

The Sky system is woefully out of date, inflexible and inadequate for modern consumption, where a household quite probably has a phone per person, one or TWO tablets, a smart TV and a desktop or laptop. The one-change-per-month system needs ripping out and replacing with a system which doesn't limit people to this kind of arbitrary change.

Licensing for programmes will be done on concurrent viewers per account, not how many devices they may potentially own. It's an artificial limit and it's unnecessary. Please get rid of this stupid system ASAP and introduce a more sensible process for device registration which doesn't limit people from switching between devices as suits them.


I agree, but if you contact chat they will clear down all the devicesand you can start again. 

The device limit is more puzzling given Now are selling sticks and boxes. I just got a new Now TV stick and have gone down to three active devices as I replaced my old Now TV box.  That doesn't make any commercial sense.  Surely swapping for an upgrade should not count.

I cirumvent it to some degree by having my sports pass on a separate account to the cinema/entertainment pass, so I get up to 4 separate streams on up to 8 devices.

The Netflix/Amazon model is preferable, but it could be worse.  Virgin TV Anywhere only allows 2 devices and one change per month. And often that change is the result of an operating system upgrade.