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Error code450 Blc

  1.  So last week msg on now on sign in upgrade app available so download on my antique samsung Ao2 never had issue anywhere streaming now on mobile data ample speed. Soon as get upgrade app it starts buffering and so it continues. Msg says error  450  Blc. MY4g home broadband and mobile provider is the same and if i turn on wifi at home on phone streams now no problem. Can any one help waiting response from Now.
Legend 5
Legend 5


You will NOT get a reply from support staff on here as that is not how the forum works. 

Is this live or on demand content?

If its on demand content, what happens if you download the content and watch the download?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Thanks but im not sure that covers my issue? Simply my now tv app used to be fine i uploaded when prompted on now to upgrade app since then app keeps buffetting yet works fine if i use my phone on home broadband phone and home bband same provider and i can run my now tv stick off my mobile hotspot on my phone. I am convinced new app has caused the issue Now emailed me  with no suggestion that worked and i emailed them to seek further advice i understand they dont reply in community posts. Any further thoughts welcome.  Very annoying.

Kind regards