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Decent app functionality

Please can we have decent, 2019 level functionality in the iOS apps? Specifically:


1) Full history:  there are loads of series I’ve stopped watching because I have paused for a while and NowTV has not kept the history so I have no idea where I left off.  Please can you align with other streaming apps and just retain all history?


2) Ordered downloads: I really struggle to understand how the app doesn’t order downloads in any way.  This makes it extremely difficult to find the next episode and see what has downloaded.  


3) Downloads while app is not active:  it’s very annoying to have to keep the app active while downloading.  Please can you address this.


4) Pop out window: again,, it’s just surprising you don’t support this - it’s just expected functionality and not having it makes the app feel clunky and outdated and undermines user experience. 


These factors deeply undermine the user experience.  Please can you say when they will be addressed?

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