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Chromecast stream disconnecting during adverts...

Hi all,

I'm attempting to stream Sky Sports via Now Tv App on iPad/Chromecast. During every advert break, the rotating logo appears, then the stream stops and the 'Ready to cast' screen is shown. I then have to select and start the stream again.

It's very annoying. I've tried restarting everything - router, chromecast, ipad, app etc., checked all connections (not that I've changed any) to no avail. The same thing happens on all three Chromecasts in my house, connected to various TV's.

Any ideas on how to resolve this problem, or is an update to the app going to be rolled out soon?


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I have just received the last 2 posts as an update to a post re this problem which I also suffered from in 2018. I didn’t know this was still a problem. 
I had this back then, casting from iPad to Chromecast. Now TV game up with a fix back in 2018,and since then I haven’t had any problems casting from iPad.

This new problem seems to be PC based only? Maybe try casting from another type of device to see if it works better, then it may be easier to isolate it to a PC problem. 


It does not do this with the NowTV Stick only on NowTV player on windows (not MS Store version of the app) not sure about chromecast as we do not use this anymore - but had the same problem originally back in 2018 (as described earlier in the thread)  my assumption of it being 'fixed' after three months is potentially whatever advert caused the crash ended its run naturally.


Have just watched the qualifying hits re-run. No problems with the adverts, though occasional loss of bandwidth. Leads me to believe the problem is with the ad servers for whatever reason.

Then again it could be the work of the devil 🙂