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Chromecast now working with Now TV



Up until recently my chromecast was working with the app. The app tries to connect to the chromecast but comes up with oops something went wrong.


Things I have tried so far:

1. uninstalled and reinstalled the app, google home 

2. Factory reset of chromecast

3. reset of router.


alll other apps work with the chromecast at this time including netflix, amazon prime etc.


I have sky sports pass (not the cheaper one. The one that says you can cast. 


Also the previews won't cast.


I have also tried from a different device (ipad) no joy there either. 



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Anonymous User
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My casting from iPhone to TV via Chromecast works but after about 30 minutes stops every 10-15 minutes so I have to go to mobile app and restart it. I tested casting from youtube and there are no issues so it's not Chromecast problem but Now TV app. My recent deal for Now TV ends next month so I won't be buying a stick or box just to watch few movies. I'll get Netflix or Amazon instead. Shame on you Now TV that you haven't developed app for Android TVs yet if you can't get your app working properly.