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Chromebook & NowTV

I signed up to NowTv with Chrome on my Chromebook. I was using Nowtv on Chromebook Asus Flip c302 via Chrome & Android app. Two weeks later it just stopped working altogether on Chromebook. When will Sky learn that they can't control how & when people watch tv. Their constant need to keep some sort of control fathering than looking at Netlix have done. There are too many alternatives to be messing people about. If I can subscribe to a fully working service at a reasonable price then I'll do it - as with music. Otherwise Sky have been ripping us off with TV & Sport for me to give a damn. Plenty of other options these days. I won't buy your useless stick! I also wont be told which of my devices I can watch the service I pay for on.

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Re: Chromebook & NowTV

Following this thread as I've exactly the same issue (ASUS C302C).
I was running the Android app, as the OS allows Android apps to run.

Then had a notification that the NOWTV app was no longer supported.

Still waiting for an app update................. 

Had 3x OS updates since, that hasn't cured it.