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Android app keeps crashing

The app has suddenly started crashing whenever i click on an item to watch. 

I have tried reinstalling it, clearing the cache, and restarting it - to no avail.

Im viewing on a Zenpad with andriod 5.0.2

Anonymous User
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Hi whenever I try to play anything on Now TV on my Samsung Note Tablet it crashes with 'unfortunately NOW TV has stopped'.. my other 3 devices (android phone and Playstations) work fine.  I have cleared cache, cleared memory, uninstalled and reinstalled.. still the same.   If I look at registered devices my tablet is not listed... but to re-register I have to play on the device which U can't do.  Help


I have a Lenovo Yogatab plus. My now tv app was logging me out all the time. I couldnt figure out what the problem was until i read that the app doesnt like any device which has been altered. I did have a sd card in the tablet. I backed up my data, switched off the tablet....Removed the sd card. Switched on tablet and reset the tablet. Downloaded now tv app and its working fine.