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Android - Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us about Android into this quick and easy topic.


NOW TV says your Android device has been rooted or modified

Tips on getting NOW TV to work on your device if you're sure it's not been rooted. 


Compatible Android Devices

We support all Android phones and tablets, running Android operating system 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich) and later.


How to get NOW TV on Android

Follow these steps to get NOW TV on Android


Is my Android compatible with Chromecast?

NOW TV & Chromecast compatible Androids


Streaming Quality for NOW TV on Android

Android streams both On Demand and Live TV content in Standard Definition.



For further help with NOW TV on Android or any other device, please visit NOWTV.COM/HELP or let us know your query on the Community.

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NOW TV isn't compatible with Android devices which have been "rooted". This means they've been modified to allow greater access to the device's core functionality.

If a device is identified as being rooted, we can’t guarantee to our content partners’ satisfaction that the programmes and movies on NOW TV can be protected from copying or illegal distribution. 

If you receive the error message “Your device has been modified,” then this suggests that your device is rooted.

It is possible that you haven't rooted the device yourself, but that it was done by a previous owner, or even supplied in that state by the device manufacturer.

It's also possible that the device isn't rooted, but contains applications or files which are associated with rooting, which would lead to us detecting the device as rooted.


Here are some tips on things you can try if you're sure your device isn't rooted. Please note that we can't accept any responsibility for the impact of following the steps below, and by following them, you're doing so entirely at your own risk.


Try removing any apps that might provide root access (such as Superuser or SuperSU) and fully unrooting the device. Due to the variety of devices, versions and rooting techniques on the Android platform, there is no single technique that will work for everyone. We suggest trying the following the steps, which should unroot the device in most cases:
1. Install the SuperSU* application from Google Play.
2. Run the SuperSU app, go to Settings, and choose “Full unroot”.
3. Uninstall Superuser, SuperSU and Cydia Substrates, if they are still installed on your device.
4. Reboot you device.
This procedure should completely remove all executable files and applications that provide root access to you device. It does not restore your ROM image to the original in case you’ve replaced it. If you’re not comfortable trying this procedure or you’re still getting the error message after this procedure, then we suggest contacting your device’s manufacturer to ask for more advice.


Some devices are supplied as rooted from the manufacturer, in these cases we recommend contacting your manufacturer to state that this is stopping you from using NOW TV (and other media streaming services which check for rooting) and you would like to know if there is a possibility of removing any of the files which cause the device to be detected as rooted.
*Please note: we have no affiliation with SuperSU and cannot provide you with any support for this app or process.


Please also note the following:


  • NOW TV can’t be sure that the process outlined in the post will work but it has worked for other users previously;
  • Users are responsible for checking that any third party apps they use are suitable for their device / software configuration;
  • NOW TV is not responsible for any problems resulting from use of third party apps.