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Android App signs me out. Unable to watch content.

As soon as I sign in to now tv on my android app it immediately signs me out. Message is "You've been signed out. Please sign in again". I can sign in via laptop, on my mobile phone and via LG tv app and watch content. Ive tried re-installing and rebooting without success.


The app version is 10.6.0 my device is Galaxy Tab A SM-T550 version 7.1.1


Its worth noting that the 'my account' section of the app on my tablet shows me as signed in and I can add items to my watchlist with no issues.


This also happened to me on verson 7.0.2 of the app a year ago.  In the end I had to do a factory reset which was a total pain.  The best theory at that time was that the 'memory address' used by Now TV was clashing with another app.  This is not especially helpful as I have installed nothing new and have no idea where the clash could be.


Can anyone help?

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