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problem with microsoft silverlight using Apple iMac

Hello to all at NOW TV, Please can you help? Everthing was working fine until last night. And then for some strange reason I can't access and watch any movies and/or programmes due to problems with microsoft silverlight. I've tried every solution in the help section and on the forum to no avail. I'm prompted with this message as shown below: 


Sorry, you’re not quite ready yet...
You need to install or update Microsoft® Silverlight™ to watch NOW TV.

After installation, refresh this page or restart your web browser.


Anonymous User
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@Anonymous User what have you tried so far? Have you allowed Silverlight to Always Run and added the NOW TV website to the list? And do you use Avast anti-virus? If so I'd suggest whitelisting NOW TV within Avast, see my handy guide here.

Anonymous User
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Thank you, amazing helpful and worked exactly as you said. I wasn't using Avast but the allowing Silvelight plugin instructions you provided did the trick.


The only question is why have NOW TV not pinned this fix to the top of their support forum? Silverlight seems to be the most common problem topic with the most posts..


Thanks again, now off to watch some walking dead....

Anonymous User
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Hello NowTV,


I would like to complain about the issue with sliverlight on Safari, I thought the issue would have been fixed by now since it's been over a month since the problem has started and nothing has been resolved. I have tired everything possible like uninstalling, deleting all files related to sliver, even downloading FireFox but even this browser buffers every second so you can't even watch what you want in peace. So I would like to know what you are going to offer since I'm paying for something that doesn't work correctly?


Many thanks,


All users of NowTV

Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User,


Sorry to hear you're still not able to view NOW TV on Safari.


Can you please try the following:


  1. Choose Safari > Preferences
  2. Click the Security pane.
  3. Click Plug-in Settings to see plug-in details for a particular website.
  4. Internet plug-ins installed on your computer appear on the left side of the plug-ins sheet. Select the Silverlight plug-in to configure its website settings.
  5. Select the drop down option and choose Allow Always
  6. Then hit Done
  7. You may need to close Safari and reopen for the change to take affect


I hope that helps.





The NOW TV Team

Anonymous User
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Woohoo it's alive ..alive!!

Anonymous User
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yes I also have same problem, please sort ASAP NOW TV  thank you 


Hardware Overview:


  Model Name: iMac

  Model Identifier: iMac9,1

  Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo

  Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz

  Number of Processors: 1

  Total Number of Cores: 2

  L2 Cache: 6 MB

  Memory: 8 GB

  Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz

  Boot ROM Version: IM91.008D.B08

  SMC Version (system): 1.37f3

  Serial Number (system): VM912HFK0TJ

  Hardware UUID: C11389FA-8640-5F61-9A5F-FE2192A4360C

Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for getting in touch with us 🙂


Could you confirm if you've tried the steps tried by @Anonymous User?


Could you try these if on Safari 10 or above?


  • Go to
  • Open something ready to try and watch (make sure the URL says not just
  • Go to the top menu and click Safari then choose Preferences
  • Choose "security” with the padlock icon
  • Click “plug-in settings”
  • Choose “Silverlight” from the list on the left and tick it
  • It should now say “currently open websites” and the customer should see “” click the drop down box next to this and choose “on”
  • Click Done

Please let us know how you get on and we'll be happy to help further.







Anonymous User
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I'm trying to watch NowTV on Safari 10 on a brand new iMac running Sierra v10.12 and get the "problem accessing Sliverlight . . ."   I've done what the forum suggests but the Preferences plugin settings for Silverlight already included "" set to On.  I've also downloaded Firefox and tried that (although I shouldn't have to as Safari complies with all the required standards) but Firefox also returns a Silverlight problem and won't work.


I see this problem has been complained about for a very long time so I'm disappointed you haven't yet resolved it.