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now tv not playing anything on my laptop

I have an entertainment pass which i use to watch game of thrones on my mac book pro.

New season is about to start so i thought id brush up on the last few episodes and whadyaknow i cant play anything at all.

I can select the episode and press the play symbol hut the screen just goes dark and i get the loading wheel symbol.

Also a small message saying run script void in the lower left of the screen.


I have downloaded the larest eddition of silver light.


help !!!

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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum.


NOW TV recommend using Firefox on a Mac if you can. But in Safari try the following
Go to
Go to Safari>Preferences> Security> Plugin Settings
Make sure Silverlight is ticked on the left of the pane, and make sure is listed on the right of the pane, and set it to Always Allow
Click Done, restart Safari and see if that helps.



If you decide to try Firefox, the first time you try to play a movie in Firefox you should get a banner appear under the toolbar asking you to allow or block Silverlight. If you missed that you can go to Tools>Add-ons then click on Plugins and set Silverlight plugin to Always Activate.