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You need to install or update Silverlight

Hi, I'm running El Capitan and watching Now TV using Safari, which has just installed the latest update (v10).  Since then I keep getting 'you need to install or update Silverlight to watch NowTV', but when I click through to the link Microsoft informs me that I have the latest version.  I have set the Safari preferences to always allow Silverlight on Now TV.  What else should I try? 



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Hi all


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So the latest version of Safari has changed the way that you need to enable the Silverlight Plug-In.


If you follow these steps you should get back up and running again.


  • Go to
  • Open something ready to try and watch (make sure the URL says not just
  • Go to the top menu and click Safari then choose Preferences
  • Choose “security” with the padlock icon
  • Click “plug-in settings”
  • Choose “Silverlight” from the list on the left and tick it
  • It should now say “currently open websites” and the customer should see “” click the drop down box next to this and choose “on”
  • Click Done
  • Restart Safari



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