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Why do you use Silverlight?

Why do you use Silverlight?


I use Chrome, mainly on an old Macbook nowadays, and as you know based on the sticky I just read, Chrome no longer supports Silverlight.


So why haven't you moved to a platform that Chrome does support, like HTML5? Netflix has, and it works fine. iPlayer uses flash, but also works fine.


I don't use any other browser - they all run too slowly for me on my network connection. They're just unusable. So, how do I watch NowTV? It looks like I can't (on desktop) - this just isn't good enough. You should factor all changes into a service you provide - and this includes updating to different technologies if previously used ones become deprecated.


So, to consolidate my two questions (and I want a full answer, not just a macro response):


  • Why do you use Silverlight?
  • When will you be moving to a newer, more comaptible platform?



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