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Re: Can't install NOW TV Player

I have been trying to sort the same problem for three months and it is a complete waste of time. Worse still, having made a formal complaint and been promised contact they still have made no effort to contact me. They confirm it is a technical problem they are trying to solve but continue to take payments after being advised that I cannot use the service.

They are in breach of their own code of practise and legislative requirement and I am now so annoyed at their ignorant behaviour that I am determined to find a way to take action outside of the company and to expose and embarass them as it is disgusting to just ignore people who are paying for a service that doesnt work.

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Re: Can't install NOW TV Player

I feel your pain. I have Mac Book and Now TV player has stopped working for the last few months. The technical and customer support offered by Now TV is a joke. I have a case open and all they do is make the same suggestions repeatedly, it is as if no one is taking ownership of the case and bothering to read what has already been suggested.


The last contact I had was two weeks ago and what has followed has been radio silence. Yet Now TV are quite happy to take my money. It is tantamount to robbery. I’m going to contact Trading Standards and report them. 



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Re: Can't install NOW TV Player

I recently deleted the now TV player because it was bugging out, and I am sure it is a windows issue but I can't reinstall it why? Is it more dll bs from windows where it can't back track on previous actions, because windows is not great? Or? How can I install now TV's application again? There's no site that will fix this issue and I've tried them all, they just show that I already have it, and ignore me?