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Apple macbook air

I cannot play anything at the moment on my mac. It keeps coming up with error. When or how will this be fixed? 

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@Anonymous User Hello, what does the error message say? 🙂

I am not staff, I am a customer that likes to help,
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Anonymous User
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it just does the loading animation when u click on any film or tv program edndlessly

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@Anonymous User


In Safari try the following

 1. Go to the NOW TV website and try to play a film or TV programme (depending on your pass).


2. While the programme is trying to load, go to Safari>Preferences> Security> Plugin Settings

3. Make sure Silverlight is ticked on the left of the pane, and make sure OR is listed on the right of the pane, and set it to Always Allow

4. Click Done, restart Safari and see if that helps.

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