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Now TV app not appearing on my LG TV

Hello My LG 43UF640V is not showing the Now TV app. I recently bought an LG 49UF640V which has the app on it, how can I display the app as I cannot find it in the store. Both operating systems seem the be the same and as the name of the models sugges...

Can't sign in on app

I can't sign in on my app atall. Getting very frustrated now as I have reset password at least 10 times.

Resolved! Now TV App Stuck In Search on LG TV

Help please.  I have an LG TV that has been happily running Now TV on WebOS.  Went into it today and it is stuck in the 'Search' screen.  I can't use any key on the remote to go back, forwards, sideways, in, out, up, down, shake-it-all-about, nothing...

live tv not playing through app on lg tv

any ideas i cannot see live tv throught the app on my lg tv, i can on catch up but just says stream quality on blank screen. it is a 42ln575v-ze tv

Sound but no pictures on LG 42LD450

I have gone through the set-up procedure and everything seemed OK until I chose a show to watch.The sound comes through perfectly but the picture has a banner across it saying it can't show it.Can you help please?Thanks

Lgtv nowtv app

I have an lg tv with the built in now tv app, it used to work, now it allows you to sign in gives you all the menus lets you pick your channel and program ie fox ncis then never loads it does this with all channels and box sets on the entertainment p...

Movies No Full Screen LG TV

When watching films it always seems to be widescreen and I'm unable to fit the movie to the entire screen by changing the aspect ratio-for example Watchmen. However on Netflix that same film fills the whole of the TV, which for me makes a much more e...

Sky go & Sports

Hi, Please can someone tell me how I can access my sky account on with either my LG TV or my roku device or nowtv box ? I pay for sky and I dont understand why I cannot access it on any of my devices I have listed above ^^, I want to be able to acces...

Resolved! info needed

i have the now tv movie package through my LG tv. i have recently bought a panasonic viera but cant access now tv through it. if i was to cancel my now tv package then buy a now tv box & connect it to the panasonic tv would that allow me to add the L...