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Lg smart TV will only play watch live

Hi , I'm having problems with running the now app on the 43inch lg. I seem only to be able to watch live if I try to watch something on demand it will play but the picture will not clear it just stays blurry. I have another lg 60inch downstairs and t...

Resolved! lg tv movies not playing

just bought movie pass to watch on my lg smart tv i sucessfully sign in and select a movie but then when i press play nothing happens  just circles going around. in the past 36 hours i have live chatted but everytime get cut off before anything is do...

What next?

Have just registered and gave CC details to get LG £3 for 3 months - but got no acknowledgement - or advice on how to proceed thereafter. My account confirms all my details are there. Where do I go from here? Meander.

No sound

i can't connect my now tv box to my lg sound bar what can i do ?

Something's not right

Hi. Over the past week Now TV has constantly crashed and keep getting error messages or just doesn't do anything. This is now happening on all my devices. Internet connection is fine as able to use all other streaming devices and have checked the spe...


Hi, Everytime i try to use the Now TV app on my LG smart tv I have to sign in. This never used to happen, and is becoming annoying. Is there something I can do that will make it remember my sign in details? Thanks 

Resolved! My TV section on LG TV

Hi, I was wondering if anyone from the NowTV app team for LG TVs are listening on the forum. I have a comment on the My TV section of the app. Recently it has changed. It now shows the Continue Watching list and my Watch List. It was better when thes...

Cannot use Now TV app on LG TV - Error Code 2002 and 2004

Hi I cannot use my Now TV app on my LG TV The TV Model is LG TM2792S-SZ, I have tried "Initializing Premium".  Symtoms--------------It first gave me an Error Code : 2002After I re-started the TV and "Initializing Premium", a few times I get Error Cod...

Streaming at just 284 on Lg BD350 and 550

Hi all - have just reported this via chat, but thought I'd post here in case anyone has a simple solution. BT homehub 5 connection @ 10mb, LG BD box hardwired to router using an ethernet cable.  Both boxes (in turn) give a streaming speed of just 284...

sign up impossible

Just trying to buy this service but the website won't let me. I complete form and then i'm told i alteady have sky id. I sign in and told to complete same form which is not accepted because i have a sky id. Please take my money and provide service!