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Sports day pass - buffering and glitches

Everytime I use Sky Sports day or week pass on my LG TV via the app it buffers or glitches after about 10 minutes. If I turn the TV off and on again or reset the router it fixes the problem for another 10-15 mins. Its so frustrating.


The NOW TV app works fine for me with the Entertainment pass, so this issue is just about Sky Sports.


This is the tech info from a post I did last year...


I have stream quality 3450


Its 50hz LG Model 32 LS570t-zb


software version




Its a wired connection to the internet which is pretty fast (via Virgin in a city)



I have posted 4 or 5 times on here before asking for solutions to this problem and despite lots of helpful advice, still not managed to fix the problem. I have tried the motion and picture settings suggested and in fact I have tried everything that has been suggested... and nothing has fixed this problem.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User,


According to LG's web site, the newest software for your LG 42LS570T television is v04.62.12 released 12 Dec 2016.


If your problems persist, much as I hate to say it, it sounds like you'll have to perform a 'factory reset' (which can be found via the 'Option' setting). I have to do it every-so often on my LG TV's when they become unstable. Which usually occurs after a couple of software updates!


Sufficed to say, a factory reset means you'll have to re-tune all your TV channels and you'll loose all your pre-sets. So make a note of them before you give it a go!