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Poor stream quality on LG TV

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Help i have recently bought a brand new LG smart TV - i am getting incredibly poor stream quality on my now tv. it is on a wireless connection but in the exact position as my PS4 which i had absolutely no problem with.


i have already rebooted my router, reistalled the app to no avail. I have checked my broadband connection and i am getting >30mbs and all other apps stream absolutely fine. i dont see why this shouldnt work on a wireless connection when a ps4 that is nearly 7 years old has no problem!!! Having changed devices on my now tv i am unable to readd my ps4 to watch films for 1 month - what a waste of money!!!


any suggestions?




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Re: Poor stream quality on LG TV

There seem to be a few people with issues but personally I have had no issues and I’m on standard sky broadband and get a really good picture I wonder if this is an issue with certain models or routers.  As I said I’ve got the standard sky broadband and using their router on a 49sj810v tv in the bedroom and a roku downstairs and don’t have any issues.  I have to say a lot of complaints I have seen on here seem to have fibre for some bizarre reason don’t know if it’s related.