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Nowtv not loading channels on Lg smart tv

Hi,similar issue to the Samsung tv post. Now tv app loads up fine on my lg webOS tv. However won't load the individual programs, just seems to show the four rotating balls forever.
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Hi @jamesi30,


When you first posted about this issue (on Tue 21 March 2017) there was a general issue with NOW TV's streaming service. Which was completely resolved a few days later.


Which means if you're still having issues there must be something else going on. This being the case can you please provide the following information: -


  • What's the 'Model' number of your LG 'smart' television?
  • What's the 'Software Version' number? of your LG 'smart' television?
  • What's your NOW TV 'app' version?
    [Which can be found by launching the NOW TV app then visiting: My Account and looking 'top right' of the screen...]
  • If you have an webOS based LG television, have you tried deleting and re-installing the NOW TV app?
  • How is your 'smart' television connected to the internet. Is it via a hard-wired or wireless (WiFi) ethernet connection?
  • Who is your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
  • Are you running any form of VPN (Virtual Private Network)?
  • Have you tried re-booting your router (by disconnecting the power, waiting 30 seconds and reconnecting the power)?

Sufficed to say, the more detailed information you are able to provide, the easier it will be for us and/or the NOW TV developers to work out a solution for you!