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Lg smart TV will only play watch live

Hi , I'm having problems with running the now app on the 43inch lg. I seem only to be able to watch live if I try to watch something on demand it will play but the picture will not clear it just stays blurry. I have another lg 60inch downstairs and this has no problems at all running the now app . Ive also tried turning all devices off to see if it's a signal strength problem but it doesn't make any difference I've also tried a range extender but no joy.

Hoping somebody can help with this issue

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Any ideas? 🙂

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Hi Guys


I have no experience with LG TVs except one, and that one I did not like, anyway I was wondering what version of the LG OS are Adam's LG TVs running.


I'm guessing that the 60" LG is running an OS compatible with the Now TV app while the 42" LG is not.



UK Bob

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@Anonymous User try updating your software. If that doesn't work try a reset on the TV.

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Hi @ukbobboy,


Whether an LG television supports the NOW TV app depends on its UK model number.


I currently have three (old model) LG televisions with GUI's that look like this, which run NetCast OS (4.0 or higher): -




By contrast new model LG televisions have GUI's that look like this, which run webOS. Which is already up to version 3: -






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Hi and welcome to the forum @Anonymous User,


Sorry to hear you're having problems. In order to help you, can you please provide the following information: -

  • Are you an existing or brand new NOW TV subscriber?
  • If you are an existing subscriber, when did you start having issues?
  • What's your LG televisions 'Model/Type' number and 'Software Version' number?
    [Which can be found via: Support '?' -> Product/Service Info.]
  • What's your NOW TV 'app' version?
    [Which can be found by launching the NOW TV app then visiting: My Account and looking 'top right' of the screen...]
  • Have you tried your LG televisions 'Intialization of App' option (if available on your model)?
    [Which can be found via: Support '?' -> Initialization of App]
  • How is your LG television connected to the internet. Is it via a hard-wired or wireless (WiFi) ethernet connection?
  • Who is your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
  • Are you running any form of VPN (Virtual Private Network)?
  • Have you tried re-booting your router (by disconnecting the power, waiting 30 seconds and reconnecting the power)?

Sufficed to say, the more detailed information you are able to provide, the easier it will be for us and/or the NOW TV developers to work out a solution for you!