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LG TV and NOW TV issue

As for now it's been 2 years since this issue been raised. For two years SKY been collecting data and passing it further and reminding to keep reseting your router. I don't understand why such massive companies like LG and SKY can't find solution. They spending milions on research of new technologies and producrts to bring customers in. On the end they will lose them sooner or later but it's doesn't seems bothered them.
So, as a LG and SKY customer who still got that issue I want to know if it will get fixed. If you can't provide anything else other than same msg been repeated for two years then I will happly switch to oder providers and suppliers.
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Hi @Anonymous User,


The NOW TV app works very well indeed on my webOS based LG television. And is also pretty reliable on my older NetCast OS based televisions.


In order to help you can you please answer the ollowing questions: - 

  • What's the 'Model' number of your LG 'smart' television?
  • What's the 'Software Version' number? of your LG 'smart' television?
  • What's your NOW TV 'app' version?
    [Which can be found by launching the NOW TV app then visiting: My Account and looking 'top right' of the screen...]
  • If you have an webOS based LG television, have you tried deleting and re-installing the NOW TV app?
  • How is your 'smart' television connected to the internet. Is it via a hard-wired or wireless (WiFi) ethernet connection?
  • Who is your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
  • Are you running any form of VPN (Virtual Private Network)?
  • Have you tried re-booting your router (by disconnecting the power, waiting 30 seconds and reconnecting the power)?
  • Do other 'apps' such as BBC iPlayer work okay on your LG television?

Sufficed to say, the more detailed information you are able to provide, the easier it will be for us and/or the NOW TV developers to work out a solution for you!





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@Anonymous User as @SeeMoreDigital says Now works on my LG and I have a cheap end of the spectrum TV.
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