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Better *fingers crossed*

Checked out NOW via LG with a free day pass (sports) before buying another month, and been usig it today. Each LG has had a software update since last time I used NOW, and I see then NOW site has changed considerably, it seems to miss out one or two unnecessary steps between log on and what you want to watch, it' also a lot tidier and more professional.

So far so good, just this evenings international to go. Good steady picture, no buffering, no jerking, no stopping. The only difference to my system is I have added a wifi-booster/extender which is plugged in alongside the kitchen TV, and although only 5m from the router in the hallway it has certainly boosted the signal (doubled) and that TV's been fine.

Presumably the LG updates have been partly or even wholly on behalf of NOW?


So, happy bunny right now...let's hope the good news lasts!!

Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User,


Thanks for posting!


Glad to hear you like some of the changes we've made.





The NOW TV Team