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does anyone else agree taking the Kids TV out of the Entertainment pack is a charge more?

I feel cheated - I used to pay £6.99 for the entertainment pack (actually, with the cheaper card vouchers, 3 months at a time) which included Entertainment and the Kids channels - now stripping out the Kids channels means my Entertainment passes are devalued and I have to pay another £2.99 per month for my son to watch the channels he wants.

Who agrees?

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Have to agree with @Andy, never get the complaints that because I don't watch X how dare NOW TV make me pay for it.

I get more than £6.99 out of Sky Atlantic, Sky One, FOX, Sky Living and Sky Arts each month to not worry about what other people want or enjoy.

The same goes for all the complaints about how dare the BBC fund football/Eastenders/Homes Under The Hammer/Mrs Brown Boys.

Legend 5
Legend 5

WOW, after a quick google search, this 'viceland' looks really shoddy 😞


Please, anything but this. 😞

I am not staff, I am a customer that likes to help,
so please click the Thank You/Thumbs Up button if I helped you out and maybe even accept it as a solution? 🙂
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@4268 wrote:
I have no idea why anyone in their right mind at Now thinks Viceland is a good addition. It is dumbing down the content. Given you can get full Virgin Multi room for £6:50 (£11 for TiVo) makes you wonder if extra rubbish makes full price Ent pass worth the price. Movies are definitely worth having.

As someone with XL TV on Virgin (well for another fortnight anyway) I pay for entertainment just for Sky Atlantic.  That said I don't think I have ever paid full whack.  I am on a hiatus at the moment, but I have an offer for £2/month for next two months lurking in my inbox to be activated by next Monday.  Debating whether to use it or not as I don't think there is anything in the pipeline I want to watch.


Movies are generally worth it but Virgin made me an offer I couldn't refuse 9 months ago on sports and movies.  But that will cease in a fortnight.