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NOW TV Kids Month Pass Help and Info

Kids Month Pass Help and Info   We've compiled some of the main questions you’ve all asked us into this handy guide all about the NOW TV Kids Month Pass.   Just select a topic from the list, or scroll down the page to read them all.   NOW TV Kids Pas...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Kids: Unavailable shows on Live Channels

There are some shows and movies broadcast on Sky channels which we're unable to show via NOW TV due to licensing restrictions.   This will vary on a daily basis, and reduce over time as new licences are agreed. You'll know if something is unavailable...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Resolved! Kids tv

hi i have added now tv kids to my now tv box after being told that they can watch tv live on the kids package. I want to cancel my virgin media package and save some money. it only gives the option to watch episodes on cbeebies. most of them only 10 ...

kids pass

I was given a free entertainment pass from my phone provider. Unbeknown to me the kids pass was added free and it was never used. I had the kids on my tv package with virgin. I now want to have the trial yet i cannot have it because it was added with...

Can't buy kids pass

I've been trying on and off for over a week now. It says my kids entertainment pas has ran out and gives me the option the renew but I keep getting a message sayin.....we're experiencing technical difficulties and are unable to process this payment.....

Cannot buy kids pass

Hi,I just got the notification about the kids tv pass expiring so I logged on to pay it. Every time I click the Buy button I get the following message :- This is taking too long...NOW TV might be too busy or unavailable at the moment. Try refreshing ...

pay my bill

HelloBeen trying to find a contact number so i can pay my bill!

Episodes cut short

Hi Anyone else noticed that some kids' programmes end prematurely, ie. are being cut off short of their ending? I've noticed this on Adventure Time and Noddy. Very annoying.  

kids pass cant cancel the subscription

whenever i goto cancel my subsription it comes up with Sorry, you can't cancel your pass here. You can manage your products in your account?? when i goto my account i cant manage my products

Kids pass voucher

I'm wanting to try out the kids channels trial but i want to buy the voucher as & when & not subscribe the 2.99 after it ends. Does anyone know where i could buy them? I was thinking of buying the box with 4 month pass but dont need another box. Than...

Kids film

There is a cartoon called animal kingdom which has inappropriate language I have been told to set my parental control but it's a pg,we have watched many pg films and never came across anything like this.gas anyone seen it.Bout 30 minutes into the fil...