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Ninjago missing episodes

OK, kids sat down in eager anticipation. 

Season 5 catch up has only one episode

Season 6 has 55,56 then 59 and two tiles for episode 60


something amiss I think.

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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum.


Some of the content on the kids pass is boxset, which means you get all the episodes in a season in one go, and some of it is catch-up which means you'll only get certain episodes depending on which ones have been shown on the channel recently. 


Unfortunately Ninjago is catchup so you won't see all the episodes in the season, but you should see new episodes arriving now and then.

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OK, I think I understand but normally in live broadcast these are broadcast in episode sequence.


Here there's a gap of episodes, it jumps a number of episodes within the same season (which you attribute to being due to catchup) and doesn't explain why episode 60 appears twice.


It also doesn't seem to reflect recently broadcast episodes which I thought was the whole point of catchup, so seems to be neither catchup or boxset approach.


As an aside it makes things difficult in episodic story based series if the rights agreements you can reach create in effect random episodes that follow no logical sequence.  I haven't seen this random pattern effect on the Entertainment channels, normally it's a straightforward last five episodes broadcast.


Know many kids programmes don't have a story arc so wouldn't be as important.

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@Anonymous User whilst most TV is like this kids channels aren't. Shows are on during various points of the day, with old seasons on at one point, more recent at another, episodes then repeated again later in the day.

The stations themselves pick which episodes should be available on catchup, as most shows are repeats they'll assign the 3.30pm episode to be the catchup file, which may or may not be the episode after the one from yesterday/last week.

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Understood but it's hard to believe customers ideally want a random smattering of episodes.  What you've said is of couse right, but it's not "catch-up" (in the way we understand catch up to mean on latest episodes broadcast because as you say they skip many due to repeats) and its not "boxed set", it's just a selection of random episodes that happened to be broadcast at a particular time in the day.  That's down to NOW TV to manage in contract negotiations.  And it doesn't happen for adults so even when an older season of a programme is being repeated daytimes / nights those episodes are not randomly thrown in the mix.  It just sounds a bit lazy but not unfixable.  Anyway just cancelled the pass, life is too short to create arguments with the kids over why episodes randomly appear and disappear out sequence depending on the computer scheduler at Cartoon Network.  Shame, I'd hoped this would replace Netflix which is had the potential to do.  Hopefully someday someone will figure it out.

Community Administrator

Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for your feedback, sorry to hear the Kids Pass wasn't what you were hoping for.


As mentioned above, for kids channels, catch up content tends to come through dependent on what's been broadcast and sent to us by the channel provider. With a lot of kids shows, the episodes can be non-linear, meaning watching them out of order doesn't have an impact on story or viewing.


We appreciate that these circumstances may be frustrating. In order to help us improve, could you let us know: where we have catch up episodes, but no box sets, what behaviour would you expect to see on the site or on the box?




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These days every programme is tagged with a season and an episode number. 

What I'd expect to happen is the episodes available for catch up need to relate to each other.  I know the "oldest" and "newest" episodes may vary from time to time but they should follow their linear creation sequence.


So for example with Ninjago at present you have 8 episodes available.  If the oldest is say 603 and newest is 610 I would expect you to have 603,604,605,606,607,608,609 and 610.  So that the story arc can be followed.  I know it's not "box set" ie an entire season but at least the episodes you can broadcast would be in sequence.


Instead you have something like 509, 601, 602, 606, 609, 610 and bizarrely another 610.   If the kids want to sit for an hour to enjoy Ninjago or anything else episodic with story arc at least they can start at the oldest in sequence and work through.  At the moment the random gaps and duplication of episodes doesn't make sense for a programme with a story arc.  Adults don't have to put up with this on the Entertainment channels - if the rights only allow 5 episodes they are invariably a moving but linear sequence of five ie as new episodes come on, old ones drop off.  This is logical but on the kids one because programmes are broadcast multiple times a day it seems no-one has thought through which episode qualifies for catch up, leading to the randomness.


when I asked why do you have the same episode appearing twice on catch up, thinking it was an error, I was told basically whatever the content provider broadcasts we just pick up and repeat on catch up even if it is the same episode that's already available on catch up!  This still looks like an error to me.


Perhaps it might also be good to be clearer about what content is "box set" and what is catch up.  The kids interface seems less clear on this than the grown up version.

Community Administrator

Thanks for your reply @Anonymous User, really appreciate the response.


I'll be sure to feed this back to the relevant teams.

This does happen on the Entertainment channels too (South Park is one example where it's happened before) but you're right that it's more often a linear progression of episodes there (eg. Game of Thrones.)


We're still mostly at the mercy of what's being broadcast live, but I do understand this can be confusing when presented with the episodes as a whole.

The episodes we have available for any show's Catch Up will largely be what has been on the live channel in the last 30 days. With no control over Cartoon Network's programming, we wouldn't necessarily be able to ensure this follows a story arc without missing out.


To confirm, there shouldn't be duplicate Catch Up episodes in this instance. This is an error, and we'll get this fixed.


We don't currently call out the difference between Catch Up or Box Set episodes within a show's page, but this will definitely be a part of my feedback.


I know your experience hasn't quite been what you wanted, but I do hope this explains things a little.


Thanks again,