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Kids Favourites

Maybe I am missing something but since the change with the new kids package the only kids favourites are shows that were previously added to the "Watchlist".


Can't seem to add any new (previously unavailable) shows to kids favourites and I'm fairly certain my four year old would find it easier to select lego ninjago from the favourites reel than search for it every time seeing as he can't read or write yet.


Bit of a design flaw or am I missing something really obvious?

Anonymous User
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Hey @Anonymous User


Good point, The Kid's section has a funky new feature.


Once your kids have watched more than one episode of a program,  the service learns what they like and highlights it to them on the main screen.


This will then make it easier for them to find there favourite programs.


So it might take a few days of them using it to build up that list 🙂




Anonymous User
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That is a terrible feature. Kids would sometimes watch programmes 2 or 3 times to see if they like it. So that feature does not work