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Re: Error code 10024

Hi, we're very sorry, we're aware of an issue with NOW TV at the moment that we’re working to resolve. Updates:





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Re: 'There was an error streaming your video. Please wait a moment and try again.'


I was at Alton towers yesterday and signed up to get a free box and a free month pass which we chose to be movies but we have come to use it to watch a movie but if we click on one it comes up with a message saying " your pass has expired. If you would like to resume viewing, please purchase another pass 

error code 10024. 

And if you go to my account it says the pass is on there 

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Re: 'There was an error streaming your video. Please wait a moment and try again.'



Looks like NowTV are having technical difficulties at their end.


Read this link page below.

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Re: Error code 10024

just went to watch a movie got this error code 10024 but got a active pass, please fix..

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Re: Error code 10024

I have also encountered the dreaded Error Code 10024, but in my case it was on the Sports channels.

I always pay for my Sports pass by means of monthly vouchers.  My existing voucher was due to run out on Sunday 23 July, and I had already loaded a new voucher a few days earlier in readiness for the next month.  However, when the first voucher ran out at 7:15 pm on Sunday, I got the "Error code 10024" screen on all my sports channels, telling me to purchase a new pass if I wanted to continue viewing!  Even though my "passes" account details showed that I am paid up until 23 August.

I spent an hour on the online chat system, talking to a fairly clueless agent who had never heard of such a thing before. She got me to perform a factory reset on my Smart Box, and I had to reinstall everything from first principles.  Needless to say, it made no difference.  Eventually she gave up, and said she would pass the problem to the technical team.  At 8:30 pm, service was restored of its own accord and it has been working perfectly ever since.  So I was without service for just 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Looking at my billing screen, it appears that the transition from the old voucher to the new one did not take place cleanly when the old voucher expired. The system had to wait for my bill details to be updated with the £0.00 transaction showing a new month credited, with 100% discount.  There was a delay of 1 hour 15 minutes whilst the transaction became effective.

I am disappointed that the agent on Live Chat did not recognise the meaning of Error Code 10024.  It seems from the several Forum threads on the subject that this is a known problem.