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Episodes missing

My son is trying to watch Instant mom it's showing two new episodes on the app on phone but on my box they aren't there. Any idea why? My box is up to date
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Re: Episodes missing



Welcome to the forum. The kids pass has always been a mystery to me with random episodes not there, random ones appearing etc, I'm sure there's logic to it if you know what it is! Regards the episodes of Instant Mom available on mobile but not box I'll tag @Mary-E and @Ian-H from the NOW TV Team and they can check what should be there and what shouldn't.


There's also random numbers missing eg eps5,7,14 if Mary/Ian could check those.

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Re: Episodes missing



Hi, looking at the phone app I can see that episode 27 and 49 are showing but are not playable. These episodes are not supposed to be available until 16th and 26th of February respectively, which is why the error is coming up. I'll raise this to our technical team to make sure only available episodes are showing on the devices. 




Yes, you are right about the random episodes missing from the series. Looking at our content list, we dont have these other episodes, so my guess is we just don't have the rights to the whole series. I'll double check this though and let you all know if that's not correct.


Thanks for raising this!