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Account usdye

My account apparently hasn't registered properly and no matter how many times I update it I still cannot access the tv package, I've done the live chat thing and STILL NOTHING!!. I also have a voucher and have been billed 9.99, I have enough vouchers for 12 months viewing so how do I sort that too!!!???
Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi and welcome to the forum @Anonymous User,


Sorry to hear you're having problems. In order to help you, can you please provide the following information: -

  • What's the make and model number of the device(s) you're using to access and play NOW TV content?
    [ie: a NOW TV 'black' box, a NOW TV 'white' box or a NOW TV 'Smart' box. Or a 'Games Console' of some type, a 'Set Top Box' of some type, a 'Smartphone' of some type, a 'Tablet' of some type, a 'Windows PC', a 'Mac' computer or another type of device]
  • If you are using a computer, what's the operating system version?
  • Are you 100% sure that you've logged onto the same NOW TV account as your NOW TV playback device?
  • Which NOW TV packages have you subscribed to (ie: Entertainment, Cinema, Kids, Sport)?
  • How is your NOW TV playback device connected to the internet. Is it via a hard-wired or wireless (WiFi) ethernet connection?
  • Who is your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
  • Are you running any form of VPN (Virtual Private Network)?
  • Have you tried re-booting your router (by disconnecting the power, waiting 30 seconds and reconnecting the power)?

Sufficed to say, the more detailed information you are able to provide, the easier it will be for us NOW TV forum members and/or a NOW TV Team member to work out a solution for you!