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Tiered device limits

Status: Open
by johnny9999 on ‎04-11-2015 03:53 - last edited on ‎09-11-2015 11:10 by Tom-R

I know this topic has been discussed in the various hardware forums - but it's not specific to any brand of box, hence posting it in the Entertainment section.


The current limit is 4 devices (with 2 playing at once).


Want to give my kids access to entertainment (and possibly movies too), but the only option would be to buy extra subscriptions, so I'd end up with 2 entertainment subs and 2 movie subs.


This is too hard and expensive!


How about a 'tiered' option please, NOWTV?


So charge an extra £2 per month for the entertainment pass, and allow 8 devices (with 4 playing at once).


And similarly an extra £2 for the movies pass.


This is similar to what Netflix does.


I'd pay the extra.


Can we have this please?

Status: Open
by johnny9999
on ‎09-11-2015 09:47

@Tom-R any comments?



by Tom-R
on ‎09-11-2015 11:11

@johnny9999 thanks for suggesting this. I've moved it over to the ideas section - let's see what everyone else thinks of it.





by commanda6 Champion 1
on ‎09-11-2015 11:27

 Hi @johnny9999 @Tom-R


I wouldn't be against this as long as that extra charge was purely optional.


The question is would to those paying the extra charge still be limited to one device swap per calendar month, because it would take you an eternity to swap out eight devices. If it remained like that. I think those paying the extra charge given the amount that they would be paying overall if this was available would have to be able to swap out at least two devices per calendar month. As they would be paying 11.99. For movies and 9.99 for entertainment if you were to use the example above I don't think such a strict device swap limit would be acceptable if people were paying that much.


Although mind you, if now TV were to do this, I think it would probably be through a single extra charge, which is not package specific. I think it would just apply to everything. If the extra charge is paid as that would make more sense and wouldn't be as complicated

by caseyb1993 Elite 5
on ‎10-11-2015 08:31

@johnny9999 @commanda6 @Tom-R


Personally, I wouldn't pay anymore as I am happy with it as it is.

I see what some people mean though with families. 


If you do decide on it, let it be an extra charge that doesn't affect other customers. Smiley Happy 

by uk1
‎14-11-2015 08:38 - edited ‎14-11-2015 08:40

I wish I understood why they don't allow an unlimited number of boxes but only two say connected at any time like Netflix.  I have them in two homes and in a couple of rooms and as boxes and tvs get upgraded or get returned because they don't work, this issue is simply unnecessary irritation. I only watch one box at a time.

by yescubedesign
on ‎19-11-2015 01:44
I agree with (UK1) I set up 2 now TV boxes on the same day then didn't want to use the other and as I didn't rename them couldn't work out which one I didn't want, then I removed the wrong one. Got a Chromecast and on first set up accedintly set up and played on my phone first before casting so yet another month wait. My now to box broke so had to buy a new one. Another month. Then I want it I my iPad. Another month. - I have an LG TV can't watch on that. Horrible, horrible restrictions. You should be able to watch on whatever devices you want. I should be able to watch it how I want and where I want, not have to keep plugging HDMI cables in and unplugging constantly.
by Mumbler2014
on ‎19-11-2015 11:57
I'd love to see the option of adding more devices, when you have a larger family it can cause arguments when 2 children have access and another one doesn't Smiley Very Happy
by sboelitz
on ‎30-11-2015 01:36

This would be great, i have 3 TV's Front room, kids room and me and my partners room. We cant register mine and my partners mobile devices as that would then be 5 requireing another subscription. We wont necercerally be watning on more that 2 devices at a time but would be nice to be able to register more devices then have the option to up the teir for multipul streams.

by goldenoldie
on ‎18-12-2015 08:50

Great idea!

I have 3 boxes & 1 tablet that are registered, but some days i would like to watch on laptop...(no way am i going to change the ones i use regularly)

Only 2 used at a time but really need more than 4 devices i can use on. 

by martinoxley
on ‎09-01-2016 08:03

I agree

In our House we have 2 Xbox  360's an Xbox one, 4 smart phones,two tablets and two NOW TV boxes but can only log now TV on to four of these????????

And if we want to change over one of these WE HAVE TO WAIT A MONTH??????????????????????????????????????????????? WHY what is the reasoning behind this.

we don't ever watch NOW TV on more than one device at a time but need to plan a month in advance what we want to watch it on WHY.

Why cant you guys adopt the netflix approach where you can log on to as many devices as you want but have a limit to how many can be watched at once(we pay extra on Netflix to have  upto 4 devices).

After all we are paying for a service that we cant use properly in this multi digital age of streaming and downloads NOW TV is the equivalent of  renting a VHS from the Video shop I personaly cant see any point to these restrictions (yes the amount of devices being watched at once makes sense) they just seem to be there to confuse and annoy.

To be honest if nothing changes I think we might scrap it and give Amazona try